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My story:

Growing up in Ukraine, one of my absolutely favorite dishes were my mother’s incredible crepes( blini). Oh, that was really something! Just imagine a huge plate with a mountain of fresh and hot crepes thin as silk, with a jar of homemade strawberry jam standing nearby and a cup of fresh aromatic milk. These are the memories I will tell my grandchildren: Adriel, Klara, Petya and Dasha. I can still feel the taste and smell of those crepes like it was just yesterday!

Probably that is why I love crepes so much, and it was one of the first dishes I learned to cook. When I lived in Ukraine, I’d tasted hundreds of types of crepes, sweet and savory, with honey, jam, farmer’s cheese, ground meat. Some of them are thin and weightless, some thick and lush, but I love all of them and cannot give my heart to any particular recipe. These memories gave me the inspiration to search for even more interesting, rustic and traditional crepes. They are an integral part of our Ukrainian culture, and now, when I am retired, I want to be close to it like never before.

We are located in North Adams, MA. Come visit us at the North Adams Farmer’s Market for delicious homemade goodies and crepes.

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